Monday, June 12, 2017

Golf Lyfe

Golf is a sport I started playing when I was eight years old. I started to take my golfing more seriously when I was a sophomore in high school. The first tournament of my senior year was really one to remember.It was the first time I shot par on a golf course. Since then i have shot par but the first tournament on march 5h of 2017 vI shot 72 par for the first time. It was a cold wet windy day in Fortuna at Redwood Empire Golf and Country Club.This golf club is my home course so i know it very well. I have been growing u at that golf course and have been working there the past three years. The tournament started at 9 A.M. I got there at 7 a.m. I started off by warming up my putting stroke on the the practice green then I went down to the range to hit a bucket of balls to get my swing all dialed in. After I warmed up I went to chip a couple of times before I hit the first tee. I was first to go of the tee on hole 1. I made bogey on the first hole. I was just thinking to myself to keep finding away to come back from that. The next hole I was able to make birdie. So i was back to even par. I made birdie on the next hole and then six straight pars to shoot one under for thirty five on the front nine. This picture was that day on hole six me putting the ball in the hole. It ended up being a nice day.

On the back nine i played very well. I had nine straight pars it was a good day to be a good golfer. I shot 72 for the first time it was a great experience.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sports gender differences

The multicultural treatment in sports is very different when it comes to the pay between men and women. This comes down to women having not as many opportunities in play playing have had problems with coaching and places to play sports in. Men on the other hand have had excellent coaching staffs and places to play the sports. With the lack of women not having the so called nicer things than men do in sports a lot of women that have great talent retire and a young age because they know that they do not get the bigger things and more money. So those women who could have gone professional do not even take it to the next level because of treatment compared to men. Men sports attract the more broadcasters and fans which the women do not bring. With the women sports not having the top of the line coaching and facilities this is why the women sports do not bring all the fans and broadcasters. Image result for gender sports differences pay
The person who founded the Olympics did not like women sports and thought that the human eye would not either. There was only a limited number of females to participate in Olympics when it first established. From 1928 to 1960 the women racers in the Olympics were not to run in races 200 meters and above. The Olympics in this time were mainly just male dominated. This was felt by people back in the 20th century because they thought running that distance or longer would make a women to tired. It took until 1984 for women athletes to make up twenty percent of the participants in the Olympics. Now there is twenty eight games for men and women in the Olympics. At the beginning of the Olympics when it first started there was hardly any women participants now there is equal number of games and equal number of men and women participants in the games.
The sports pay for the professional basketball leagues for men and women was a shock of the difference in the maximum pay for women and minimum for men. The maximum pay for a professional woman basketball player last season was $109,500 and the minimum salary for a professional basketball player was $525,093. Although this pay is very different the reason for it being is that the attendance for these women games is not as high as the men’s game. Therefore the women’s pay is not as much due to the WNBA not making as much money as the NBA.
This gender equality that has been happening in the United States sports has decreased the number of female coaches. This gender cultural treatment in sports is starting to become more equal year to year with coaches and pay just because of the differences in the sports with males and females.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

6 steps of the golf swing**

6 Steps of the Golf Swing
1) Feet and Shoulders
Your feet should line up with your shoulders with your feet spread apart as wide of the width of your shoulders. Your feet and shoulders should be in a straight line with your target. A easy way to do this is to lay down a club or alignment stick pointing at your target, and then line your feet up even with the club. Now that your feet and shoulders are lined up you should have a straight line target.

2) Bend at the Knees
Take your club and extend your arms out as if you were approaching the ball. Now do not bend your back to lay your club head flat on the ground. In order to accomplish this you should be bending your knees your back should stay straight at all times. With your back straight and your knees bent now approach the ball and you will see where the ball should be placed in your stanced. The center of the club face should be squared up with the center of the ball. If you have to bend your arms you are standing too close to the ball, and if you have to reach at the ball to make contact you are to far away from the ball.

3) BackSwing
Now that you are lined up square with your target and in the correct stance with your knees flexed, now you can start your backswing. The golf swing is a perfect circle from backswing to follow through, to keep this perfect circle you keep your left arm straight at all times during the swing. Now this is if you are right handed, but if you are left handed your right arm would stay straight the entire time of the swing. Draw the club back slowly and establish an even tempo
4) DownSwing
Once the club is straight on the ground it is now time for the down swing. The downswing should come down the same path as it did on the backswing. To make sure you pursue this your left arm needs to be straight the entire time. Make sure the knees are still bent and a lot of hip rotation when hitting down on the ball. The hip rotation needs to happen every time all connected together as one so your arms do not start hitting the ball which will cause it to go in many different directions.

5) Contact
If you are keeping you head down and watching the ball the whole time, you should be able to see the club make contact with the ball. If you make contact with the center of the club face, the feeling of the club should be nice and minimal vibration.  If you make contact with the heel or toe of the club then there will be sensation at contact that is stinging sensations in both of your hands.

6) Follow Through
Some players do not care about the follow through, but the follow through is an important part of the golf swing. If there is no follow through then that will cause there to not be as much power to the swing. There will be power loss due to not turning all the way through the swing and finishing. Also without a follow through the ball with do bad things such as slice or hook hard due to where the club face is at impact. A proper follow through sees the club face the whole was through contact point, and than up and over the shoulders. A good follow through will increase distance and could increase accuracy of the ball.
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Quest to track every NBA shot - SSR**

Kirk Goldsberry is a kid who grew up near Pennsylvania who went on to get his bachelor's degree in earth science and geography and then a masters and PhD in geography. Goldsberry was interested in finding ways to visually record data about movement through space and time. Goldsberry did not just watch basketball but he played the game, but once he started playing he started to think about how the game differs from other sports. The game had more to it like coaches evaluating methods like watching videotapes and working on physical fundamentals. Basketball is a constant flow it is not one-on-one. There is five players out on each team so ten players on the court. Which makes it a constant flow of people being all over the floor from the players switching from offense to defense, from posting up, to double teaming. For example if a baseball player is in left field you are going to know is general area of defense, left field. Although if there is a forward defender in basketball he could be anywhere on the floor defending not just in one certain spot. Therefore basketball has no states which mean you can not determine the odds of the given outcome of the game. This is why basketball was one of Goldsberry given maps. It was so hard because it was so intertwining flowing without a start and end. Goldsberry knew it did not mean he could not analyze it though. All he needed was the right kind of data.

Goldsberry knew that every player is its strengths and weaknesses therefore he did not want to look at the numbers, he was focused on the locations and movement of objects, like the players and the ball. This was a mapping problem and he needed some new data sets, he could do more than what people wanted to know about the game. In basketball you do not need to know probability or percentages you needed to understand space. Goldsberry had some time off from teaching and decided to build a mapping system. When he first got it going it was difficult to get all information. Although he got the ten players on the court, from what position they shot from, who shot it, and from what spot on the floor. It was not what he fully wanted but it was a start. This data was not exactly private but it was not private. Throughout the years he recorded data base for every shot taken in the NBA taken from 2006 to 2011 more than 700,000 of them. Once he got all this data recorded he wanted to find out where legendary players like Kobe Bryant was cash on the floor and where he was not so much cash money. Goldsberry divided the floor, 1,284 square feet of where players shot the ball from and took little data cells and made different colors to represent where the best take shots were that they were most likely to make. By Goldsberry making this chart it changed to the NBA for good. This showed players, coaches, and fans the perspective of shots that were taken on the floor by any player in the NBA.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Benefit of Sport Infopraphics

When playing a sport or just doing something you love you always have to stay determined through the process. When in the process of this you have to take it into consideration and decide to just go after it. If you are going to go after it you might have some flaws when in the process. If you are having flaws and start to quit or think you are doing bad and stop, people may say something and it will change your thought about quitting and and want to do it again. You decide to start doing it again but no it is too late and the chances are no longer there. Those chances are no longer there because you gave up when you new it was going to be hard. Being determined to something means you do not give up. When you miss your chance you better have fun with what you are doing and hope you do better next time because there is no next time for what you already gave up. Never Give up. Choosing something you want to do is a life decision and a big one if you want to stay dedicated to the process. Choices are a big part of life and choosing something along the sports world is hard but you need to just keep going. But if deciding to do something that will take dedication you need to be determined to it. You need to stay determined to not only let yourself down but your family, friends, or even teammates. People will look at you as the hero in the long run if you are staying determined to a big commitment.

If you are a player who practices as hard as they can starting at a young age your goals could be set high. If you want to continue your sports as a career you need to be practicing everyday to make a living. The professional players are making a lot of money to play a sport they love and are dedicated to. The National Basketball Association is the highest paying professional sport in the United States. For an average year salary for a NBA basketball player is $5.15 million. The average player plays for about six years which is a career salary of $24.7 million salary. Baseball is the next highest paid sport with a average career of $17.9 million. The third highest paying professional sport is NHL with a career salary of $13.2. If I was to be playing a professional sport I would play basketball. I have been playing basketball my whole life and I have been motivated to do my best by all my peers that is how stay dedicated. It also makes the most amount of cash flow which I would love to have.